The Digi-Tech Factory

The Digi-Tech Factory is a striking new four-storey building at City College Norwich (CCN) that will enable CCN students to be at the forefront of digital development, innovation and creativity in the UK. The building houses the very latest equipment and technology and over 60 miles of cabling to deliver the most up to date learning experience for the digital students.

The interior includes large-scale lab spaces, digital studios, general classrooms, storage, staff and breakout areas, as well as circulation and amenity spaces.

The exterior is an ‘envelope’ of lightweight perforated metal cladding that cloaks the building to control light and views. The perforated pattern resembles historic computer tape, digital code and binary sequences that reflect the disciplines studied within the building.

Drayton Windows designed, supplied and installed Kawneer’s AA100 Curtain Wall, AA720 Windows & Doors with AA720 FD30 Doors.

City College Norwich
Main Contractor:
R G Carter Ltd
Norwich, Norfolk
Coffey Architects
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